Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lots of cute kid pictures to share!

Let it never be said that I am a dilegent blogger.... since the last post was announcing our pregnancy and this one sees us less than 2 weeks from our due date!

I would have hoped to find time for updates during the 6 weeks of bed rest mid summer after a partial placental abruptions, but as it turns out, I'm a pretty content couch potato when I'm allowed to be. Since August, the Lord has healed that abruption, and there isn't even visible scar tissue seen in the ultrasound. At 30 weeks gestation, our daughter measured 4 lbs 10 oz... if she gains the expected ounce a day over the last 8 weeks....that would make her - oh geez! alot bigger than the other kids! We'll see - maybe she'll just be very tall?!

So to catch you up on the growing brood -

This last weekend we took Sunday afternoon out at the pumpkin patch just west of Hillboro
Lake View Farms 2007 P Patch

Noah has expressed a real interest in entemology and will claim that his chosen profession will be either an animal scientist or bug scientist. This summer Grandma Jan came upon a Banded Alder Borer Beetle, which became a pet. One afternoon on the porch, another Alder Borer flew up to say hi (these are not common bugs!) so we put her in the habitat... and one thing led to another and.... well, bug love! The female proceeded to lay her eggs and then both died. The Larve have hatched and bored into the wood... we are hoping to see them mature, but don't know how long that will be. The other pictures you see are an Assasin bug that we wanted to observe, laid an egg sac and died. The infants hatched and were released. We are also in the habit of collecting spiders to feed to the tree frog - Fano, that became a pet. We have been amazed at the size of some of the Orb weaver spiders that live in our yard! I am proud to see how all three kids have little fear of the creapy crawlies and don't hesitate to grab any with bare fingers!

Our Bugs
and some of our other activities over the last 6 months or so:

Labor Day in Dallas Oregon
Isaac and Erica Endicott's wedding
2007 April OMSI
2007 July Family Camp ft stevens
2007 June Vacation Bible School
2007 july SUMMERTIME
2007 July 21 Lintner -Gonzolez Wedding
Memorial Day Reunion
Noah's T-Ball Mastery
2007 29 May Hannahs birthdays
2007 May Hannah's Tea Party
2007 May Lincoln City