Monday, November 19, 2007

Baby Baby and Boo

She's here!! Magdalyn Louise Vertner - aka "Maggy" "Maggy-Lou" "Magowyn (says Hannah)" and "Adorable, wonderful cutie pie and love bug!"
Introducing Miss Magdalyn Louise

She arrived at 8:21 pm on Monday, October 29, 2007. We went in to be induced... no medical pressing reason - I just knew she was projected to be bigger than the rest had been and I didn't really want to risk the possibility of her being born on Halloween... and probably a good thing - she was 8 lbs 14 oz and 20 1/2 inches long - I wouldn't have really wanted her to get too much bigger! But she's perfect! A ton of beautiful dark hair (with the most amazing blond highlighted tips!), very long fingers and toes and SO LOVED by her brothers and sister. If you haven't viewed the slide show already, you can connect to it thru the main page. A big props to my friend Julie Cox who kept us company during the labor and did an INCREDIBLE job capturing all the special moments in pictures. And Shane used those photos to create the slide show, with the song that was one of the inspiration for Magdalyn's name - "Strong Tower" by Kutless - Magdalyn means "Great Tower".

The same day we went to the hospital, so did our friends Josh and Michele Snyder. We were in room 233 and they were in 220 - the nurses were going back and forth with updates for each of us on the other's progress. Their daughter Junia was born at 5:07 am on October 30 - about 9 hours after Magdalyn. And about 5 days before, Michele's cousin and our friends Tracy and Gabe Campos delivered baby Judah. So many babies!! "Go forth and multiply...." we are obedient!!
200710 Meeting Babies Judah and Junia

With two of us at the hospital, we had quite a few well-wishers!
Maggy meets the world

We came home from the hospital on Wednesday - Halloween day. The older kids just couldn't get enough of the baby... we had to develop an on going schedule!
20071031 Maggy comes home

Halloween night started with a trip around the neighborhood followed by a quick dinner (must have SOME protien to counter all that sugar!) and then off to the LHF Harvest party to see our friend's costumes and play some games. Zak didn't quite understand the trick-or-treating at first - the first house, the nice old man opened the door and Zak walked right past the guy into his living room! It didn't take long for him to catch on.
2007 Halloween

Up next time - Noah's birthday... celebrating for about 3 weeks! Still need to upload the pictures and free time is a rarity these days!