Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New perspective for a new year

Life appears to returning to something of a normal routine - as much as life can be normal for a family with 4 kids under the age of 7! There is a new delightful buzz around the Vertner house - and I think it's Maggy's little magic - it just seems there is more laughter, more unabashed silliness, more hugs and kisses. I'm just so grateful for God's mercies in our lives - we are truly blessed!

Book recommendation! Shane and I both tore through William Young's The Shack and absolutely loved it. We want everyone we know to experience it! I have a new a refreshed perspective on so many things, but especially who God is and how he really feels about me - and you too! Check it out!

Well, here are the recent pics!

A Snow Day!
Jan 08 - Homeschoolers Snow day
2008 Zak's 2nd Birthday
2008 Magdalyn's dedication
2007 Omsi w/ Grandpa Dedrick
2007 Christmas
2007 Christmas Season
2007 Small Group Christmas Party
2007 Nov Shower for Maggy
Noah's 6th birthday

Coming soon - the new dinos at OMSI