Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nom Nom Nom.... Chomp Chomp Chomp

I've been having trouble getting my pictures off my camera, as there is much to update!

Coming soon : the remodel of our house, including new floors and new rooms for everyone. Like a new house with the same address!

The twins are now 6 months old, and boy! did that happen fast!

We've started on solid foods. And I think after 4 other kids, I finally have a healthy eating plan in mind for these babies. We have learned from mistakes and mishaps and a few lucky guesses. This time around we are sticking with the veggies as long as we can and holding off on the wheat for a while, not for any big reason other than I know it will provide a better foundation for their health in the future. So far we have tried Acorn Squash, Green Beans, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes, Avocados, Butternut Squash, and Spinach.

And the big news:


This was quite the surprise, as the earliest we had seen any teeth with the other kids was 9 months.

The twins are really just a delight to have around and give us lots of smiles, coos and giggles. They love to be entertained by their siblings, who are a great help to Mom.

hopefully I'll have some pictures or videos to share with you very soon!