Saturday, July 25, 2009

Latest Ultrasound

I can't believe how delinquent I have been in updating! I hope to catch up soon, but, it is summer and despite all efforts to kick my feet up and do less... which I am still managing to do... we are still going and doing alot. I hope to share some of these things with you soon.

Here are the pictures from our ultrasound on the 16th of July - 24 weeks. Everyone is doing really well. The babies are measuring the same size, 24 weeks - which apparently translates in to 1 lb 9 oz.

This is good news, as some twins tend to grow at different rates and one baby can end up stealing nutrients from the other. This week at my OB appointment my belly was measuring 31 cm, which would translate to the size of a standard 31 week singleton pregnancy.

If you would like to be praying for us and with us, please continue to pray for strength through out this pregnancy and for protection and safety for all three of us. Also, as of right now, Baby A, which would be the first to be delivered is in a breech position. If he does not turn, the hospital and doctors would not allow for me to attempt a natural delivery and we would go straight for a c-section. We are praying that the baby will flip to head down in time for delivery. Whereas there are methods for turning a breech baby prior to delivery, those methods can not be used when twins are involved. A c-section would not be the end of the world, but it isn't my desire.

You can see that the pictures and features are becoming more defined and clear. The hardest thing for our wonderful ultrasound tech, Amber, was to get profile pictures with out someone else's foot or arm swinging in the way. :-)


  1. praying hard for the entire vertner clan, you and those precious boys especially. be well and take it easy!

  2. what great pictures! Keep those babies cooking! Even if they are a little early I'm sure everything will turn out fine. My sister delivered her twins at 31wks after her water broke! And my nephews will be turning 7 in a couple of months!
    Good Luck! God Bless!


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