Sunday, January 10, 2010

My favorite time of the year

The last week has been about decompressing from the busyness of the Christmas holiday. As I look back, I find joy in the memories and start looking forward to next Christmas already.

I enjoy Christmas as it focuses thoughts on the gift of Christ to a broken and hurting world, and joy in knowing Jesus myself.

I enjoy giving gifts - lavishing good things on my children that bring them delight ; finding the *perfect* gift, the kind that the recipient is totally thrilled with but didn't expect it.

(I like getting gifts too...I'm not gonna lie. Not nearly as much as I like giving, but the receiving is fun as well)

I enjoy sending and receiving Christmas Cards, and thinking about friends and loved ones I don't see or talk to nearly often enough.

I enjoy the traditions and memories that go along with decorating, entertaining, Christmas Carols.
But definitely the best part of Christmas for me is easily


My Dad has made it his tradition to visit for a few weeks between Christmas and New Years. I truly treasure the time that he spends with us. ...and this year, like other years did as well, his time here ended much too quickly.

My sister has also made a habit of being here with us at Christmas time over the last few years, and since meeting her partner, Chris - who grew up just south of Portland, where his parents still live - they find double the reason to get out west. I'm so glad for that, but in my own selfishness, I would like to keep them all to myself and not share their time with anyone.... but since I don't get to decide that, I guess I will share...

It was a very Merry Christmas for our family this year. I have a Christmas wish that one year we will also see my brother and his wonderful wife and adorable son...

Hopefully its not too far from your mind already as the calendar shifted to 2010. Maybe you would leave a comment - is Christmas your favorite time of year? What makes it most enjoyable for you?

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  1. Sarah, Your children are all so cute. The new little twins are adorable. You are indeed blessed. I hope you are getting sleep now. I know it is still early and the twins may not be sleeping through the night yet, but I truly hope so. Hugs, Kathi


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