Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A new year

As a friend said in her blog (quoting another blog, I think) - the first post after not posting for a while is always so darn awkward. The best thing to do is just do it.

So the thing I'm seeing going around other blogs - as I slowly try to catch up on 3 lost months of google reader - is a list of 10 for the new year. I'm going to take a stab at it and make it as brief as possible - which is a new thing for me too!

What I'd like to do this year -

1.Be consistent to post to my blog, and not think too much about it being something that I'm not.
2.Develop consistent devotional habits in my own quiet time and with my children.
3.Read more - at least 4 fiction and 4 non fiction
4.Can and preserve so much over the summer that I can get through the winter with out store bought veggies, spaghetti sauce and broth
5.(cliche I know) Loose the baby weight (at least 25 lbs) and get back into the old clothes
6.Sew instead of buy
7.Play more games with the kids
8.Read more as a family and watch less
9.Learn to play the guitar
10.Find ways to serve others with out sacrificing service to my husband and children... maybe serving together!

Happy New Year. I hope to be back with you again really soon!


  1. Can and preserve?
    Buy less and sew more?
    Play the guitar?
    I love you, lady. You're Awesome.
    I'll pray for your list if you pray for mine. :)


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