Sunday, February 22, 2009

Depression update

The feedback I have gotten about my Long time, no talk post has brought me great joy.
  • People have written me with wonderful encouragement and love that makes me smile.
  • I know that people are sincerely lifting me to the Lord in prayer, He is so faithful and loving.
  • Others are sharing their experiences.
I think it is time for an update.

I am feeling so much better. Not perfect. Not completely out of the woods, but so much better.

Knowledge is power

The first step in fixing
your problem is admitting
you have a problem

Satan's power is in dark,
hidden places. Bring
yourself into the LIGHT.

I give God glory, I do believe that most of this transition is a result of fervent and loving prayers. I also believe that as a result of those prayers, I have found a wonderful ND and a natural supplement that is balancing my life.

With in the first four days of taking the 50 mg of Natrol 5-HTP, I began to find some clarity and greater patience with my children. I am still prone to emotional outbursts and short tempers with my children, but these occurrences are become less frequent.

I have began to find joy in creative activities. Even making dinner, on some nights, can feel like pulling together a piece of art work. A sewing project gets done, instead of just sitting in front of me, at my desk, but never getting worked on.

And the Lord is working in fantastic ways to change my love for Him and my heart as a whole. Our church did a 24 hour fast last week, during which time I was also preparing to accompany worship on the piano for a women's meeting. I am finding a new heart for worship, and, although it is strange to me, new fingers on the keyboard, to worship. My body may not be healed and balanced, but my heart is on my Savior, who provides and sustains all of me. :-)

I know that there are many people who will suffer with depression and its affects for many years and much more severely than I have and am experiencing. I hope that my telling would not seem to make light of any situation or symptoms. I can't help but feel that by my sharing, others can feel free to release, share and realize what it is they are going through. It was an incredible blessing to realize what it was my body was experiencing. Decidedly, I now know what is happening and refuse to feel helpless, and will make an effort to change it. Hopefully, others will begin to share, whether in blogland, to a trusted group, or simply one on one with loving friends. This is not something we should be ashamed of. But once aware, we do not have to live with the effects of depression. There are things that can be done. For some who have struggled with depression for a long time, even admitting that might be difficult. ... but it is the first step.

If you need wisdom--if you want to know what God wants you to do--ask him, and he will gladly tell you. He will not resent your asking.
James 1:3


  1. i suffer from depressiion as well, however have always had a hard time treating it due to my sensitiviy to MAOIs. I've never heard of the medicine your on.. maybe I should look into that. currently I take anti anxiety pills to get me through rough days. I think being a mom has a lot to do with it. Especially when your not the kind of mom that drops her kids off at daycare everyday! Your just like me.. in that you put your family before yourself most of the time..and it can leave you feeling very drained! unfortunaly I have no words of wisdom on this as I have the very same dilema!... wanted to write more on this but Ive got a sceaming baby... gotta go!!

  2. Sarah, the way you express yourself with what you are going through is so beautiful.
    Even on your first post about it, I heard only a desire for help, a recognition of pain and weaknesses, and an understanding that there WILL be help coming because you are a Believer.

    Then this second post about it shows that you are still positive and encouraged by prayer and see growth in changes even afer only a short period of time.

    I know you're still hurting and find difficulties during the day, but thank you for being positive in the "negatives". :)

    I want to be just like you when I grow up. Oh wait...I'm older than you!

  3. Oh, BTW- I'm sure you've already read it, but maybe it will help others...
    Radiant Motherhood recently did a post on recognizing the need for help and being okay to ask for it.


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