Monday, February 9, 2009

Hannah's first hair cut

I have been contemplating giving Hannah a haircut for a while. She has such beautiful long curls. What if the curls went away with a cut? But what if they sprung up tighter with less weight? There is only one way to know. With the difficult snarls and tangles at the end of her locks, it was time for a trim.

I had only planned on trimming the ends.

It ended up being more like 3-4 inches. And yes, of course I saved the clippings for the scrapbook.

The curls didn't go away, nor did they spring up.

I was thinking the other day how we always seem to hope for what it is we don't have. From an early age, I always thought I would have loved to have curly hair. The other day I heard someone complaining that they would have preferred to have straight hair, instead of the curly that they naturally have. This is natural, and we all seem to do it.

I hope to instill in my children a contentment and joy with the beauty that God has given them. Just a thought I had, admidst all this hair talk. I hope that Hannah loves her curly hair because it is what God gave her. I hope Maggy loves her straight hair because it is what God gave her. I hope that Noah loves his long legs, that cause his pants to go short all too quickly, because it is what God gave him. I hope that Zak loves the size he is (which probably makes him a better climber) because it is how God created him.

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  1. Hi Sarah, What a darling family and sweet little girl with the curls. Isn't it the truth about being content with what we have. I do try to instill this in my kids too. I will try my best to keep visiting you now and then, evening though I'm going at a very slow pace. Hugs, Kathi


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