Monday, February 23, 2009

Potty Talk -II

I have been meaning to come back to this for several month. Although late, it was not forgotten.

Small warning: if you have not read the previous post, be prepared for excessive occurrences of the word "poop"

In December, I shared about the struggle of a never-ending diaper rash.

Thanks is due to all of the loved ones who prayed. There was a 3 week period right after this post, during which time, Maggy inexplicably pooped less allowing her rash to heal. I didn't do anything to try to change anything that would have made a difference at that point, other than asking for prayer. And it was just the hiatus we needed to get through Christmas and visitors, to a point where changes could be made.

Just when I was beginning to think that our struggles could be really gone, 4 poopies in one day caught my attention. Beginning in January, Maggy started drinking rice milk instead of whole milk, and for a period of time, received a limited amount of wheat and other dairy products. She did start eating more fruit. And oddly enough, she pooped less. The doctors had been telling us all this time, that some children just have sensitive skin and, for some, pooping 5 times a day is normal. And that the answer was buckets of barrier creams and lotions and no fruit. When I asked about the possibility of dietary issues, the idea was not even considered. Clearly, these doctors were wrong.

So we are starting to see hope, and have been able to provide her (and her concerned mother) with some relief. She is still prone to frequent poops and sensitive skin. There is still more to be discovered and resolved, and we are still looking for the right doctor to help us with it.


  1. Since Sam has been in cloth (pretty much his whole life) he has never had a rash!! :)

  2. Hmm...cloth. That might be something worth looking into!

    Good job being persistant, mommy. I like how you've got your eyes and ears and heart open to find the best possible solution for pretty little M.


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