Thursday, April 24, 2008

Must do: Get EXPELLED

Shane and I took off for a couple of hours tonight (THANK YOU KRISTIN AND STEVEN!!! for babysitting) to see a movie. We saw the new Ben Stein documentary EXPELLED.

Check it out!

It really brings to light, what I feel is a very important debate that is being quite neglected, and in ways I hadn't considered before seeing the documentary, but it is really scary that its being suppressed. Even for those who don't see eye to eye with me on issues of faith and /or religion, there are basic freedoms that are being trampled on.

I'll try not to go into too much here, it's a huge subject with lots of potential rabbit holes, just, please! Go see it. And tell me what you think! I would love to hear the reaction from someone with a different perspective.

Sunday at Westport, the teaching was on a very similar subject - Doubting the Creation. The series that Pastors Paul and Tim are working through is really wonderful. It is titled "I Doubt it" and addresses many of the common doubts we struggle with, as Christians, non-Christians and even just human beings. As a Christian, I may not personally doubt the One Way to God, but I have always struggled with how to respond to that question. This series has helped me to constructively explore biblically sound responses. So, go listen.... (you may need to click on the series "I Doubt It" and then select the specific message from the list.)


  1. Sarah, I've seen a couple of clips on this movie. Thanks for posting on it. I think it needs to be SEEN!

  2. Carter and I went to see it tonight and it was Absolutely Fabulous! (Sorry, Jules, had to steal your catchphrase for a moment ;-D) I am still trying to wrap my mind around all of it and may need to view it again!


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