Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Struggling with my Papa's heart

I saw a couple of really amazing analogies over the last few days just in everyday life....

Sunday at church we were singing a worship song - Wonderful Maker. The chorus is:

What a wonderful maker What a wonderful savior How majestic your whispers And how humble your love With a strength like no other And the heart of a father How majestic your whispers What a wonderful God

The phrase "heart of a father" really jumped out at me. I think of how my husband interacts with our children. Shane has had an opportunity to work from home more lately and Noah lives for it. He will spend the entire day in the office looking over Daddy's shoulder if we let him. He would love it if he never had to leave his father's side. The joy and exuberant "DADDY" from all three kids (Maggy will join soon enough) that greets Shane when he comes home is one of the best parts of the day for all of us. And even with Maggy... as I'm cleaning up the kitchen he takes her in his lap and cuddles and makes her laugh and she quickly learns to delight in her father. I don't bring up all these things simply to brag on my wonderful husband (thats just a nice little bonus), but the example of the relationship... I have let the junk and busyness of life get between me and my heavenly father. I want to cut out those things that keep me from following at his heels all day long, I want to dispose of the activities that prevent the exuberance at his return.

I also have been reflecting on what that "heart of a father" means, in terms of how God loves us.
I think He loves to see us smile. I think he is proud when we do as we should, or use our creative gifting. I think he loves to just have us want to be near him... just because it feels good. I think he is sad when we hurt. I think he wants to teach us the right ways because when we obey, both he and I see joy. He wants to teach us the right ways so that we have the opportunity to express our gifting. He wants to teach us the right ways to keeps us from harm and hurting.

I came away from reading The Shack and still feel strange to think of God as a "Papa"... but I know that is the intimacy I want to have with Him. I have a hard time letting go of the adult in me and being simply a child. But who wouldn't want to be a Child of God? Papa's little one... that IS me...

This brings me to my second life-experience analogy. I was sitting in the dinning room feeding Maggy some applesauce. As I am getting the bib on her, she reaches for, and successfully grabs the bowl. I jumped and squawked. She managed a handful of applesauce, but no major foul. A few minutes later, she decided to grab for the spoon, as it was heading towards her mouth. I maintained a firm hold on it, but so did she. Most of the food on the spoon did end up in her mouth, but because of her own lack of coordination, some ended up on her face and, despite my efforts to keep it from hurting her, she forced the spoon towards her throat, causing her to gag a little. I though, how much I can be like her with my Papa. He's providing for me and keeping me clean and I try to jump in and take over and end up struggling with him. He is willing to care for me and yet, I insist on trying to do it myself. But I am only a child and am totally uncoordinated, end up making a big mess of it and often, loosing my proverbial lunch.

Oh for the faith of a child.....and the joy of being a child....

James 1:18 In his goodness he chose to make us his own children by giving us his true word. And we, out of all creation, became his choice possession.


  1. Great anaologies. I love parallel's of our own parent-child relationships with our relationship to our Hevenly father!

  2. Yes, the example with your babe is wonderful! It reminded me of a line from a Rich Mullins song that I love... "I try to fight You for something I don't really want, than take what I need that You give... " Oooh, gets me everytime.


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