Monday, September 1, 2008

Birth stories

My friend Jenny (womb-mate of my friend Julie) is a doula. She and her family are working towards missions in Nicaragua. She asked for birth stories to share.... here is mine!

Check it out - Radiant Motherhood


  1. Oh that was a great story!

    I am still working on mine but Jen kinda beat me to it!


  2. It's interesting that sometimes kids' birthing experience gives parents an explanation on their personalities.

    "Oh he didn't want to come out he was 10 days late. He likes to do things in his own time even now as a 3 year old"


    "my labor and delivery was so easy just like she is. Such an easy child."

    What comparisons do you make with Maggie and this experience? It was quite traumatic and complicated. Yet Maggie is sooooo soft and non-complicated!


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