Monday, September 1, 2008

Skillet days

Do you own a big flat electric skillet?

This is easily one of my favorite tools in the kitchen.

Generally when it comes out, there is a days worth of meals done quick and easy.

Today was one such day.

Breakfast - Bacon and French Toast
Lunch -Grilled Cheese
Dinner - (will be) Cheese Quesedillas

Stuff I love about it:

Big cooking surface - 6-8 pieces of French Toast all at once.
Grease catcher - a tray that hangs on the front - easy catch for all the bacon / burger grease.
Easy cleanup - nice no-stick, usually just a quick wipe and away it goes.
Travels well - we've taken it camping! (when there is electricity at the camp site)

You should get one.... I love mine.

P.S. on the subject of mine quirks:

I grew up eating jelly or jam on my grilled cheese sandwiches. Thank you DAD! It is a generational "blessing" that I have passed on to my children. Most people get grossed out at the mention, but it is yummy - you should try it.

My husband has, but today preferred plain.



    My "skillet" is smaller, unfortunately - it can only do 4 slices of anything at a time (bread, pancakes). HOWEVER, it is NOT electric - you just place it on a burner on your stove. The bonus of this size is, it fits well with the rest of my pots/pans and thus is easy to use at any given time. Also doesn't take up precious counter space. I, too, love it, but am seeking a replacement.

    1) Size - C'mon - 4 of anything doesn't even serve one round for each of my kids, let alone the rest of us.
    2) Teflon. I'm really seeking to rid myself of teflon. The alternative? Cast iron! But finding a cast iron skillet large enough to cover two burners on my gas stove?

    Ahh... yet another research project.

    Have heard of grilled cheese & strawberry jam for years, have never been brave enough to try it.

    Hey - Where'd your microwave go?

  2. Love my skillet so much, but it's a stove top cast iron griddle- you should try one! I'll have to try the jelly on a grilled cheese....

  3. I love it! What a great idea. Kathi oh, now I am not so sure about the jelly part lol.


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