Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birthdays come but once each year...

Happy Birthday to Janet... my mom-in-law.

From the time we met, way back in the fall of 1995, she's been so special to me. Not a typical MIL by any means, one of my closest friends and a support and encouragement in the best and the hardest of times. I'm so blessed to have a great woman in my life who reminds me that I'm loved, teaches me so many new things, is thoughtful and considerate and keeps me in line. I think my husband is a wonderful man, and since he grew up with a single mom most of the time, I give her so much credit for setting the right foundations in his life, and ultimately affecting so many others for good.

She is the best Grandma I could hope for my kids to have. They absolutely love her and she adores them too. Janet recently had the opportunity to be featured in a newletter for her work. In the article she was asked a myriad of questions, one of which was "who inspires you the most?" Her response was that it was her grandchildren.

If you have the chance to meet her (and haven't) just take a minute to say hi. She is easily the friendliest person I know.

Happy Birthday "Mom"!


  1. Happy Birthday Janet. I don't know you but you are clearly a gift to Sarah, as I am sure she is to you. Especially since she lost her own mother at such a young age, I am sure your investment in her is even more meaningful. I hope you were blessed on your birthday!

  2. How special to recognize her efforts in raising your husband.


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