Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah in the whitehouse?

Hey! How cool would that be!?

I am not anxious to open up Pandora's box and get started discussing politics. Honestly, it tends to be a subject that I avoid. Maybe I need to examine why that is, or maybe it just isn't my thing!

I was surprised, as were many, when the announcement was made this morning that John McCain was picking Sarah Palin. Part of my surprise was in that I had never heard of her before! But like I said, I don't do a whole lot with politics...

I don't know if anyone cares about my vote. I do care to vote. I think it is a fantastic opportunity that we have been afforded to be involved in the political process, and I think it is something we should all partake in, regardless of whether or not we feel extremely compelled by the issues or candidates on the ballots.

I don't say that lightly... I have at times considered not casting a vote in the upcoming presidential election.

I really don't care for the way that the democratic party as a whole continually attempts to discredit George W Bush. It is very immature and unprofessional. He is the president of our country, got their by legal means and deserves respect. I find that my personal beliefs align more often with Republicans, but a party affiliation is one of the last ways that I would identify myself.

And yet, here I am, finding myself in a quandry:

I would prefer to continue to have a conservative white house.
I don't like John McCain.. unfortunately, I can't pin point what it is I don't like... he creeps me out? That doesn't sound like a good defense...

I am concerned about some of the changes that would be made by a liberal white house.
I find that I'm drawn to Obama... can't pin point that either...he's charismatic and speaks well... I don't know if that makes him a good president though...

And just to even out the debate:

Joe Biden also creeps me out.
Sarah Palin intrigues me - a successful, powerful conservative woman... and she has 5 kids (BIG points with me).

So who will I vote for?

I have NO idea....


  1. Wow, Do we ever think alike!! I agree so much with what you are saying. The thing with Obama, that kinda scares me is, his beliefs. Is he really a Muslim down deep? Would he not have sympathy for Israel? I don't know. I don't know how I will vote either. That scares me. I should be more sure than this.

    One thing for sure, this year marks a year of major change; we will either have a woman in the highest place that woman has ever been (other than Jesus' mother), or we will have the first Black person in the highest office held on the planet. Wow! I guess we must pray for wisdom. Kathi

  2. Good Evening,

    Not sure who all is getting this "Reply All" but seeing Sarah baited, her father is responding.

    Three months ago I changed my registration after being a life long Republican to Democrat. My parents were Republicans and my father's father was a proud Bull Moose Republican. I do not believe any of the older generation would recognize and abide by the current reincarnation of the Republican Party. Today's is not the party of Eisenhower or even Ronald Reagan.

    If John McCain can not separate himself from George Bush I have no choice but Obama or not voting. The latter is not a choice I would make!

    Not sure that I agree that George W. Bush got there by legal means, less we forget the hanging chads and the whole fiasco in Florida

    George Bush strings are controlled by Dick Cheney. The latter individual I have no trust or respect for. We are in a war that is costing $2 Bil a week and we lost 4500 of our finest. The war was ill conceived and planned with little or no thought other than exercising our muscles.The erosion of civil rights and disregard for international treaties is beyond belief. Eight years ago we had a federal budget surplus and now we have a black hole that will be paid for by future generations. In the 1990's we were a leader on the world stage with strategic alliances which are now in shambles and we have a reputation of being a bully. Then there is the price we are all paying at the pump. It is hard for me to think of anything that has improved in the last eight years except reducing taxes for the wealthy who can most afford them.

    I believe compared to some other politicians that Prez Bush, McCain, and Obama are men of faith and have values. How they choose to display them is not as apparent! Clinton may have had his personal problems, which unfortunately is common among our egotistical politicians, but we were in a heck of a lot better shape eight years ago.

    If John McCain thinks our economy is fundamentally sound and we are in okay shape I want no part of him. America can not survive isolated, we need to rejoin the rest of the world, We need to spend our tax dollars at home instead of sending them overseas. We need to begin taking care of our own. It should not be easier to get a clean glass of water from the USA in Africa than it is in Appalachia.

    Sarah Palin is a fresh face and a relative unknown. Joe Biden has a life story that speaks to quality. They both come as a part of a package deal!

    God Bless America!

    Al Dedrick

  3. I read John's book several years ago when he was just a blip on the radar screen, (when compared to the coverage he has today). After reading it I thought that he is an interesting guy and a stellar individual in the way he conducted himself as a prisoner of war. I was touched by his forgiveness for his former captors, tormentors, and fellow captives who sold out their fellows. His father and grandfather were American naval commanders very well placed in the structure of the military. Yet he did not use their position to better his station in the service or to gain favor as a prisoner of war. When looking to his voting record and the stand he has taken on the issues I cannot say that I've always been in agreement with him.
    His strength is in his character. He has stood for what he thought was right time after time. He does seem to be able to be moved by persuasive argument, such as the oil drilling and immigration issues. His choice of a VP candidate further cements my thoughts toward him.
    I think Sarah Palin is a wonderful choice and speaks volumes as to the thought he is putting into this run and to the our possible next president when he leaves office. I am given cause to think about the possibility of a change in the way abortion has been financed by our government for the past thirty years. I am given hope that our nation can remove this carnage form the lives of our children and grandchildren. What better candidate has entered the scene in the past thirty years that can move us in a positive direction on this issue.
    I will be praying about this from now to November. Please join in.
    Love Kenny

  4. i feel like this may be a joke. no offense to anyone with what i think. sarah palin cares of no one as much as she cares about herself, and maybe her family. whoever cares more about taxes, oil, gas, etc than our 40 million americans uninsured, chooses money over the well being of our country and people. i could go on and on, and would perhaps sway nobodies feelings. people are what this country is about. good american workers, the kids, not the special interest of Georgia, the AMA, the pharmaceutical companies, etc. and I do not believe that obama, and hopefully anyone running for the white house would put their beliefs, christian, muslim, jewish, etc ahead of what is "right" and what is best for our country and our earth, including our mother earth. peace to all
    york haverkamp


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