Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Travel Journal in Pictures - unexpected wilderness

God has blessed America

I love our home in Oregon.
Just driving along Highway 26 over the Sylvan pass, I am amazed at the variety of green. I don't know that I've taken the time to consider how many shades of green I can take in, just in one glance.

The unique beauty of the Oregon Coast... tide pools, gianormous rock structures that might appear to be misplaced, winter storms.... only a quick car ride away...Snow-capped mountains, Arrid high desert, Vast and dramatic Columbia River gorge. It is a beautiful place to call home.

I realized with this trip back to the home of my childhood, that I had taken for granted the diverse beauty of New York. I have always felt a twinge of defensiveness when anyone mistakenly assumes that any reference to New York would be to New York City. This is New York (a freeway... note the farm and cows behind the truck)

The truth is, I have a limited knowledge and experience in the "Big Apple". To assume that the city is the only thing New York has to offer would be a shame.

Much of the western part of the state, continues to offer beautiful wilderness, pristine lakes (with many wonderful wineries), and a rural life that sings glories to God's creation.

A trip as we had is, of course, wonderful because of the time spent with loved ones. That time is so precious to me. But it also brings refreshing to my spirit, as it is a beautiful place.

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