Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jet lagged but home

We arrived at PDX on schedule last night about 11:15. I would have (should have) gotten a picture of us returning... that would have been a good blogger thing to do. I think the reason that I didn't is that I was sooooo tired!

We actually had a good flight, but I think that it was about 2 pm EST on Tuesday when the adrenaline died and tired reality set it. It was a crazy busy week. It was a blast. I'm so glad we got to see as many friends and family as we did.

I took a ton of pictures and have ideas in mind for at least 7 or 8 different posts that I'll try to get out to the blog over the next week or so as I have time.

One quick story before I get to bed early:

We got on the flight at JFK and attempted to take our seats. We were split, 3 seats in one row and 2 in the row behind. A gentleman in his 50s was already seated in the other seat in our row when we arrived. Noah sat down first. Shane got Hannah and Zak seated in front with him. I changed Maggy's diaper and got to the seats a few minutes after the rest of our family. As I was getting settled I had Noah hold Maggy on his lap. The gentleman got visibly anxious. He said "uh... I don't do well with kids". (did you read my post about "I wish I knew what people were thinking" ?? Be careful what you wish for...) He impatiently is trying to get the attention of the flight attendant. I'm trying to keep smiling and not be offended.... after all, at this point, he has seen nothing that would indicate that our kids would be a problem for him. I figure this is his issue and I'm going to be as understanding as possible. When the attendant finally gets close enough to find out what he needs he said, "I am not going to put up with this tonight, I need a different seat."


Well, I'm grateful for a story I read once about someone who should be so lucky as to be near a great bunch of kids. It helped me to keep smiling and kindly get out of his way so he could find a new seat.

It turned out to be a great blessing. We got the row of 3 seats to ourselves and Maggy was able to lay on the extra seat and sleep for the majority of the 5 hour flight, which she wouldn't have done on my lap.

I still chuckle when I think about what he must have thought could have happened. Poor guy. If he'd only stayed, he might have realized that children are worth enjoying. Thanks for your seat!

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  1. I would have REQUESTED to sit by your children.


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