Saturday, August 2, 2008

For Pauline!

We are at the home of my brother Bob and his wonderful wife Mandy. Today we are celebrating Jack's 1st birthday!!

Chris (Liz's bf) talked to his Grandma (and our adopted g-ma) this am and she wants more pics. So this is for her and all the other grandmas and friends who are wondering what we're up to!

My cousin Jennifer and the girls

My Uncle Bob Dedrick, Aunt Kay Dedrick and cousin Jenny with the kids

Liz and the kids at the park in Albany

Can you believe what they make you do outside of Oregon?? (pump your own!!)

Uncle Chris and those lovie kids!

Aunt Mandy and her helper getting ready for the birthday party
Coming soon... the intrigue of toll roads!


  1. Gee, did you have to teach Shane how to pump his own gas?

    Looks like you are having a splendid time. :D

  2. Family is so precious.
    Way to tie strings with immediate family, extended family and adopted family. :)

    If you go anywhere totally gorgeous (like that park in Albany) or anywhere touristy, post pics of that stuff, too. I've never been over there and would love to see NE America through your camera.

    And more pictures of Hannah. Man she's cute! And seriously, I think Noah grew just since you've been gone!

  3. I've been enjoying your blog for a few weeks now; I'm a native Oregonian lost in So. Cal. I laughed about your perspective on ...they make you pump your own outside of Oregon...we're so used to that here, our perspespective is...we CAN'T pump our own when we come to Oregon... LOL.

  4. By the way, what beautiful family you have.


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