Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cuts like a knife

I need to come clean, put it all out on the table...

I have been having a 12 year love affair.

My husband, I think would agree, that it has only allowed me to love him in better ways.

I am, oh, so passionate about my knives.

When I was in college I took a job selling Cutco knives. It is because of these knives that I have developed a love for cooking.

I have a large set of knives. About 3 dozen pieces all together. I have been using this set for 12 years, longer than most knives work, let alone work well. And! I wash all of my knives in the dishwasher (Ok by the manufactures recommendations).

Cutco claims that most of their knives will stay sharp, with normal use for 7-8 years. So I knew I was coming to a place where they could use to be sharpened. As a part of the standard warranty, a "Forever Guarantee" I sent my Cutco to Olean, NY for service.

It cost me $9 to send the package. I paid $9 to cover the return shipping. As you can see from my return invoice, I sent 30 pieces.
18 of the pieces were sharpened and returned. 12 of the pieces were replaced with new and returned to me. Some of these pieces were knives, slotted turners, and silverware that had fallen through the grates in the dish washer and melted the handles on the heating elements. Some of these pieces I fully expected to be sharpened, but were replaced anyway, including 2 pairs of super shears and garden ratchet pruners. The total value of the items replaced at current retail prices is over $600!!! (remember, I only paid $18 to ship, TOTAL!)

I was not expected to provide a proof of purchase. It wouldn't matter if I had had these knives for 2 years, 20 or 50. Back when I was working there, I saw some 50 year old pieces , found at a garage sale, refurbished and returned, looking like new for the cost of the return shipping.

As far as great products go, I have very much enjoyed the quality of my Cutco up to this point. Even if they only last me 10 years, it would have been well worth some investment. When I consider that they will last my lifetime and I can share them with my grandchildren, I truly treasure that investment we made. How many things can we own that really give back to us?

I love my Cutco


  1. Ever since I've known you, you have raved about Cutco knives.

    Do they come in any other color or are they all white?

    Maybe I should get some. Then perhaps I'll develop a love for cooking and become a grand chef like you!

  2. I grew up on Cutco knives. I knew they were fabulous, but I wish I had known the repair/replacement policy when I was younger. I broke one of our favorite paring knives during a pumpkin carving evening and we just tossed it. (gasp!)
    You know, now that you mention it, I think the rest of those knives may be in my dad's storage... Hmm... I'll have to check on that - I could be missing out on some great cutlery!

  3. They come in black and white... I have a few black (you can see in the pic).... but they stay mostly in the drawer so that my wood block is pretty :-)

  4. I LOVE Cutco knives - I have them too. True story: I worked at a 2nd part-time job at a pizza/sandwich shop and there were 2 Cutco knives there, I WANTED them, but they weren't mine, so oh well, and fast forward about 30 years. An incoming seminary student (who had previously taken a frig we were giving away) called and asked us if he could use us as someone to test his presentation on for 'these knives he was selling'. At that time, I had a set of Henckels and hadn't had them all that long. He took out the knives he was going to demonstrate and before he could open his mouth, I said "sold, I'm buying". Was he shocked, he wouldn't let me until he ran through his presentation - he had to practice, you know. In all those years, I never knew how to acquire (or even remember the name) them, but I never forgot them, and now I have just the basics I use, but they are my favorites. The dark ones aren't actually black, but a deep, deep swirly brown with a hint of red - you have to look at them under good light. I need to send mine in to be sharpened - it's probably been 6 years or more.

    Thanks for sharing about 'our' knives, and for letting me post my long story. Blessings to you.

  5. Had me worried there for a moment.. ;)

    Cutco rox, I would recommend them (and do) to everyone.

  6. Oh my goodness. I have suffered for nearly 25 years, with old rusty dull knives. I didn't know about Cutco. I am going to have my husband read your post. My knives have always been dull. When people come over to help me in the kitchen, they notice. I am going to ask for Cutco knives for Christmas.

    Thank you Sarah, for your kind comment about my mom date with Harrison. I was kind of wondering how that one would go over, with the music. I am truly blessed and so are you. God is so good.

    Have a lovely day. Kathi

  7. Sarah,
    Remember when we first met you guys and you were that big-time sales rep for Cutco? Memories.. You are all probably not suprised to know that Sarah was a VERY SUCCESSFUL rep!

    I still treasure my Cutco peeler you gave me years ago. LOVE IT!

  8. That's really fun to hear. I love the knives we have now, but my sweetie wants cucto so bad. We'll just ahve to take the plunge one of these days. :)


    One of my Bible Study girlfriends just phoned tonight and asked if she could share her new business with me... IT'S CUTCO!!

    WOO HOO!!

    Okay, y'all - here's a wonderful Christian Mama trying to supplement her hubby's income selling these fabulous knives -

    Who's ready to help her out?!


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