Thursday, August 21, 2008

Now auditioning - Vacuum Cleaners

Last week my beloved Bissel "Lift-off" canister vacuum behaved in a way that I am not so thrilled about.

Flames shot out of the back.

Considering we paid less than $200 for it 4 years ago at Target, I think the chances of saving my baby are not good.

I realize that we should probably consider making an investment in a good machine, but I really wish I knew what that meant!

My parents had two vacuum cleaners, one that I remembered from as early as I could remember, and the other, which replaced it, coming some time around my pre-teen years, and continues to faithfully suck. (that's good in this case). And yet! This is the third machine we have owned since going out on our own, 10 years ago.

I was sharing my vacuum woes with a friend of mine, who is unable to do her own vacuuming right now (medical reasons). She told me about how they researched vacuum cleaners a few years ago using Consumers Reports. A good idea... will follow. She was also kind enough to let us test drive their machine for a week. The Eureka Boss, which is 2 years old, is providing our carpets with a clean and fluff that makes me want to vacuum every day. (Shane is liking this!)

Things that are important to me:
1) Should last more than 4 years
2) Must suck
3) Needs to be light enough to be used (well) by a capable 6 year old boy
4) Must do stairs well
5) Must handle lots of string, hair, hair ties and various dress up clothes that accidentally get sucked up.
6) Needs to have a good hose... high chair, cheerios, need I say more?

So, do you have a story about a vacuum, good or bad, that you'd like to share? Maybe you'd like to lend me your machine for a week too? Maybe we can fill everyone else's vacuum bags and put this off for a couple months..... (just kidding)

If you like a certain machine, I'd love to hear it!

Too bad Cutco doesn't make vacuum cleaners....


  1. I was going to suggest Cutco for your next vacuum just before I read your last line! ahahahhahahahah

    We have a Dyson. Shmancy!
    Heavy. But it's a transformer and can get into all sorts of ways to get cheerios, stairs, cobwebs up high, etc. I really like it.

    The only bad thing is, we got one of the firster versions so it's really heavy. And yellow. The newer ones are light and purple!

    You are more than welcome to use ours for a while! But you have to use it over here at my house.

    again: ahahahaahhahahah

  2. I'm in the same boat. I am READY for a really nice machine. I am thinking about asking for a Dyson for Christmas. They are very exepensive, but they are supposed to be really good. I vacuume all the time and I think it would be worth having a good machine. Good luck!

    Hugs, Sharon

  3. We have the light purple Dyson and it is a DREAM! We have a yellow Lab and she sheds like a fiend and my Dyson picks it up no problem. The only thing better would be if someone else would come push it around the house for me. Are you volunteering? :)

    My advice? Invest in a good product. It is hard to part with the money but so worth it in the long run.

    Good luck.


  4. We also have the bright yellow Dyson (the Penns copied us, or did we copy them? ;-D).

    We bought a refurbished model for about $250 online and it has been just fine, except for the heavy factor. But I love that the hose extends really far, like I think 80 feet, but don't quote me on that, yeah, that sounds way too far!

    Anywho, I always wanted an Oreck ~ they are super light, they suck well, and after cleaning the church for 2 years and fighting to be the first to get that vacuum, I was sure that's what I would buy! When I finally looked into buying one, it was something ridiculous like $500. Oh well.
    There's my little review!

  5. Dyson, oh yea. I have actually vacuumed my dog with it. She only got stuck once. I'm really a car kinda guy. But if Ford made a vacuum, I would drive it. Buy Costco (insert subliminal message here).


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