Monday, August 25, 2008


Hannah, my nephew Jack, Noah, Maggy and Zak last month at my Dad's house

I was never that good at understanding dominate and recessive gene characteristics. I think these are dominant genes.

My paternal grandparents with my brother Bob (Jack's Dad) when he was about 7 months old.


  1. Oh my...everyone looks exactly like each other! baby Bob looks like one of your kids transported back a generation.

    I'd say the Cute Gene is a dominant one in your family!

  2. Hey Sarah,
    There is an icon after the last text that would lead me to believe we are missing a photo that you intended to include. I've checked it on my Mac, on my PC, and on the email that included the entire post - all 3 are missing that last photo.

    I agree - it's really amazing how generation to generation family resemblance is so vivid.

    We have a photo of my brother meeting a third cousin for the first time at about age 16 - they look like twins.

  3. Oh - I actually think your Zak looks more like Bob than Jack does. :D

  4. Oh they are all such beautiful children. They all look so much alike. I don't quite understand the gene thing either. My husband's parents are this: Dad-blue eyes; Mom- brown eyes. My parents were the same. My husband got blue eyes; I got brown; all four of our children have blue. I don't get it. Kathi I'm so happy to have my brown eyes though. I've always liked them.


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