Wednesday, October 29, 2008

525,600 minutes

This year has moved by so quickly....

Our darling Magdalyn turns 1 today.

She has been such a precious gift to us, and she has taught us each so much.
She makes us all smile

God has truly blessed our family.

I wonder, just a little, what she'll become. I pray for her every day to know the Lord, know Him well, walk in his will every day of her life.

Part of the inspiration for her name came from the Kutless song "Strong tower" (on the video). Magdala means great tower. We pray that God will always be here fortress and source of strength.


  1. She's Daddy's little girl! What a great year it has been!

  2. She's my darling, but yes, definitely Daddy's little girl.

  3. Happy Birthday Magdalyn!!! You have a beautiful daughter! I enjoyed watching the video, great job. Enjoy your day of celebration.


  4. Tears come when I view that video.

    What a privilege it was to be there to welcome such a precious one to this world.

    I'm so proud of you two as parents. God has grown you well and has wisely placed these beautiful ones in your care for this short time. He sure did know what He was doing when He gave you each one. May you continue to be in awe of His faithfulness and goodness to each one of you.

    Oh yeah-

  5. Well, I know my daughter cannot even hear her name without saying how "aaaadorable" she is! She makes comments about her smile, her eyes and the way her hair sticks up sometimes and moves when she laughs! And I agree. She is edible.

    Happy Birthday Precious Girl:)


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