Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pain not wasted

Ever since the creation of the earth, we, the created, have been turning away from God.
We choose to do it on our own.
We assume our limited wisdom and understanding qualifies us for independence.
We desperately seek to be satisfied with things and other people, that will ultimately disappoint.

Yet, God still desires to extend his love to us, despite our miserable state, completely undeserving.
Watkins Glen, NY taken by Granny Franny

I found a note this morning in my journal from the women of faith conference. Steven Arterburn said:

"God doesn't want to waste even an ounce of pain. There is always grace."

We often get ourselves into these places of pain, but God still desires that through that pain, we could draw closer to his infinite and heavenly wisdom, which, I think, is knowing him.

Good word to hear... listen (stuck part 2)

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