Saturday, October 25, 2008

Card-carrying member!

Do you remember that time, way back when you were just a little kid?

my cousins Laura and Arlene 1970

Can you tell the story about that one time, you did that one thing? It was so exciting!

My Dad 1957

Do you remember that house? The trees?Our back yard 1980 (I remember peeling the birch bark off the trees)

Do remember being small? Did you have a funny Uncle that always let you climb on him like a jungle gym?
My dad and his neices 1969

How did you remember that? There must have been a picture somewhere that helped....

I love pictures. Love the way an image can usher in memories that have been stored away in the depths of my personal history books. I love the wonder and awe in how quickly things change....

Me and Noah 2002

Not a big secret, I make efforts to devote a certain amount of time to compiling photo albums for my kids, under the guise of "scrapbooking." But, you need to know, scrapbooking isn't all about the love of photos, or for that matter, pretty paper, stickers, punches, stamps or the like.

After the experience of loosing my mom while still in my teens, I realized that life is all too short. Memories are treasures. No one, even with the most photographic of memories, will be able to remember every moment, every look, every feeling, or for that matter, every place, person's name or things that were said. I hope that some day, my children will look at the albums I have created as a gift of memories, that have been strengthened by the documentation of their lives.

At the WOF conference, comedienne, Anita Renfroe poked fun at how we as women pick up our pictures at the drug store, flip through to find the perfect picture of ourselves, give up and toss them in "the drawer"... that is,unless you are a "part of that cult, called Creative Memories!" Well, I proudly admit to be a card-carrying member! ;-)
Me, Lisa and Jennifer working on our albums at "Croptoberfest" (today)

I really do appreciate that CM has helped me to move forward in documenting the life and activities of our family in a tangible format. And I just want to say thanks to my dear friend Jennifer M for being my trusty consultant all these years.
Jennifer working on her daughter's baby book

So next time you are at the house of homer, ask to see an album or two. We would be delighted to share them with you.

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  1. I am honored to be your trusty consultant!!!!! :o)
    Thank you!!!!

    Love ya,


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