Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do other kids still think its a big deal?

I have memories as a child, going and spending hours upon hours in the library. From the time we were in early elementary years well into high school in that same building on Main Street in Horseheads.

Of course, by the time that I was in high school, the old card catalogs that lined the floor in front of the circulation desk were replaced by rows of computer terminals. But for the most part, the place stayed the same. I can't say for certain how old I was when I got my own library card, probably 6 or 7. I remember carrying that light blue paper card with pride.


I had almost forgotten about the rite-of-passage that is the getting of your own library card. And when I realized it was about that time for Noah, I wondered... do kids today even care?

Despite the immense amount of information available to our children through the internet, we still find value in the library. If I was honest, at first all my children hoped for out of the library was a new or different DVD that they hadn't seen before. But recently, we have found great joy in the collection of audio books in the juvenile literature section, and we are finding resources for whatever might be our latest homeschool theme.

I am also very impressed with the Washington County Intra-Library Services, making so many resources available. They even have multi-cultural passes to points of interest in the Portland area, free of charge, on a first come - first serve basis. Often we will use the website before we leave the house to identify what part of the library we need to go to and sometimes to reserve and hold items with out leaving the house!

So yes, Noah was thrilled at the prospect of having his own library card. It may have just been simply to have a REAL card that he can keep in his wallet, but it might be something more. Libraries are wonderfully magical places....

.... I hope my children are constantly in search of the treasure to be found!


  1. I am looking forward to spending lots of time at the Library with Isa. It is a wonderful place, I am glad your kiddos enjoy it to.

  2. My boys enjoy the library too. We started going when they were little for storytime and have continued faithfully over the years. It is a weekly event for us. The boys love having their own library card! Just make sure you check those due dates on their cards so you don't get late fees (there have been times when my older son has checked out books on his card and I thought I only checked out books on mine and got a late fee :-( ) Have fun making memories at the library.

  3. Oh yes we love the library! I was taking the kids and picking up 30 books even when the oldest was only 3 or 4. Lots of picture books and board books. Just for something else to read besides our own stash. I was not one of those parents who can read the same picture books every day for three years. After reading it to them five times I want a new book so we've always gone.
    It WAS the biggest deal when Simona got her own library card. That was when we just moved here and she was five and going to "start kindergarten" (which is in quotes because our levels are vague when homeschooling). We've made the boys wait until they turn five so it can be a rite of passage. Simona LOVES having her own card and checking the books out on the self-checkout computers or giving it to the librarian. We do reserves and holds all the time to make it much faster picking things up in the library. With all the kids in tow, I hate to have to find a specific item.
    Anyway, have fun Noah and Vertner School children (and teacher)! hee hee

  4. Gracie has her own library card and loves it!


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