Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, What a day?!

Last night, I expressed my enthusiasm about the inauguration of President Obama. The response from one was "well, we aren't very "Pro-Obama"." What a shame.

I did not vote for Barak Obama. I don't completely agree with his policies and politics. But I think some have forgotten that the election is over, the decision has been made. He is now our president and we can maintain objectivity and still support him. I firmly believe that unity does not require a full agreement on all things. Unity means that we are committed to stand together.

I have been moved to tears and joyous celebration at least a dozen times in the 3 hours since I woke. Here are just a few of the things that have affected me:

  • Democracy is a beautiful thing, even if I don't vote for the winner.
  • As a nation, we can make mistakes and learn from them.
  • I thank God that Americans can freely worship him, claim His name with out fear of persecution.
  • I can't even imagine what it would be like to live under the rule of a king, with an unlimited reign.
  • I love Copland's Simple Gifts and Itsak Pearlman and Yo Yo Ma and the piano and clarinet players... what an incredibly expressive piece.
  • As much as we do need to be vigilant about gaining ground with the sanctity of life issues, I do think that President Obama will accomplish great things for our nation and the world through his policy efforts.
  • When the Reverend Doctor Joesph E Lowery gave the benediction, a nation rose in a clamouring and unison AMEN (to which I sobbed).
  • We are a blessed nation.

So, what moved you?


  1. Sarah, I am so glad you wrote this. I feel the same way as you. I don't agree with everything that Obama does, but we all need to remember that not every single person in the country can be pleased with one leader. But, the election is over and we can all either unite and move forward or use our energy to focus on the negatives. I choose the former.

  2. I agree with you. The election is over and we need to support our new president in prayer. I was moved by the benediction. What an awesome prayer for our nation. God is still in control.

    April :-)

  3. Amen! If we really want to hold true to conservative values, and not be hypocrites, we must show at the very least respect for the office. He has been chosen and whatever I think of him personally, he is the President. While he is in office I must not make derisive comments. My remarks must be honest and on policies that I disagree with I must question, but I must not be disrespectful. I have often complained of the lack of respect that the liberals show, and now I must put "my money where my mouth is". Mr. President, sir, you now have the highest office in our land. I will pray for you, as the Bible instructs me to. May God give you wisdom to lead our country.

  4. This is a beautiful post. One that I referenced a couple of different times in conversation today with my friends.

  5. Great post Sarah. I agree 100% (sorry, I know that doesn't add much fodder for conversation) and I LOVED! the benediction also. In fact I might reprint it on my blog.

    Thanks for stating your thoughts so clearly and for your support of our president. Very well written.



  6. Tears pricked the corners of my eyes as I saw people whispering in the crowd, "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name... "

  7. I too feel the same way. No one candidate is perfect. He is now president and I will follow. I have been in the military and one of the first things they taught me was "protect the president". So, Mr. President, I place myself under your command.


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