Sunday, May 31, 2009


Happy Birthday to our Hannah

She's a good friend to all.
She's funny.
She is imaginative.
She loves to draw.
She loves her dolls and ponies.
She will try to sing along with any song she hears, even the first time.

To Noah, she is a wonderful companion, not intimidated by dirt, critters or even a snake.

To Zak, a true and faithful playmate. They could play all day long, just the two of them.

To Maggy, a guide and protector. Like a Mommy #2, encouraging, leading and keeping from danger.

To Daddy, Daddy's girl. She delights in storytime, in the dark, no book... just creating tales together.

To Me, a beautiful flower to guard, guide, encourage and protect (I guess that's why she's that for Maggy).

My baby girl, you'll always be, I'm so blessed to be your Mommy.


  1. I just have to say that it is absolutely impossible that it has been 5 years since Hannah (Brooklyn, Olivia, and Peyton)were born. How? Many blessing to Hannah and a very Happy Birthday!

  2. Sarah, Happy belated birthday to Hannah. What blessings children are. I was very excited to bump into you at the zoo!! What fun. You are just as sweet and truly a good mother as you appear on you blog. It's the real deal. Your children are beautiful and so are you. Kathi


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