Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day Three - Cheyenne, WY - LATE

Going to have to be a quick update tonight and I'll have to fill in the pictures later. It is very late and we are all quite tired. The driving started late today because of the Urgent Care diabocle, which included several calls to the insurance regarding a supposed contracted provider who wanted me to pay in full up front, and several calls to said clinic begging the office manager to make an exception and work with me. All ended well as we were able to get in and out for our standard co-pay. And it is confirmed that I do not have a broken nose and am, probably, just kinda clumsy.

Liz managed to find a playground to take everyone except Zak (who was being seen for pink eye) and had a great time with them. Unfortunately, we didn't actually get on the road to Cheyenne until after 1:30 MST with at least 6 hours of driving ahead, not including the all important stops. We arrived at the KOA close to 9 and were dissappointed that no firewood was available for sale. We borrowed another camper's lit charcoal to cook our hotdogs and decided it was just too late for smores anyway. The Kabin is just adorable and very welcoming. We are looking forward to spending more time at the KOAs next week. And I can't believe we have Wi-Fi! The cell service was spotty up until about 5 minutes from the campground!

Today's scenery was even more amazing than what we've seen so far, it just keeps getting better! Probably the highlight was some kind of small burrowing creature that we found at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere! There were probably 3-4 dozen of these things, that looked like praire dogs, or gerbals, but no more than a pound or two measuring maybe 8-9 inches. Maybe google or wikipedia can help us with this mystery in the morning. We spent about 20 minutes completely amazed by these creatures as they helped us unload a bag of potato chips! We also saw a real, live cowboy on a horse hearding cattle adjacent to the highway AND real antelope ALL over the place! Liz and I couldn't help but singing Home on the Range, twang and all!

We are really looking forward to tomorrow and getting to Lincoln to see Grandma and Grandpa Baldwin and Aunt Sara too.

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  1. Such an appropo song for the did you know what an antelope looks like? attach pic of one please. =)


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