Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day Two - Park City, UT

This morning began with a delicious breakfast at the hotel. I love those cool waffle makers! We gathered up, re-packed and sent some post cards before leaving the hotel.

We started out the day with plans to make more regular stops and extended stretching during those stops. Maggy had seemed to have a hard time with the time spent in the car on our first day, and our plan definitely helped. She managed to take two naps in the car and was mostly happy when she was awake. I think that says a lot for a 19 month old confined to a 5-point harness for 7 hours.

The scenery was amazing and the signs of civilization, sparse! Idaho offered some amazing landscapes. I was most impressed with the high jutted plateaus and rock outcroppings.

As we moved towards Utah, we were both impressed with the increasing hills and mountains on the horizon. As we approached the Wassach Mountain Range and the Salt Lake area, they mountains were absolutely stunning. I took many too many pictures to get up tonight, but I will have to show them in the future.

Although we didn't have any planned excursions for the day, a few extended stops at rest areas and a drive by a Wendy's for an afternoon frosty broke up the day nicely and kept the kids quite happy. Aunt Liz is so good at ensuring games of hide and go seek or duck duck goose or simon say's when we stop, that really helps to take care of the antsy kids.

Park City is a BEAUTIFUL place. We are thrilled to have found such a deal on our hotel, which is really a time-share resort for skiers. The area we are in has many open courtyard malls, most of which have open-pit fire circles that burn 24 hours a day. We were tempted to get out our camping gear and get a jump-start on the smores, but decided to wait until tomorrow. My sister's college friend, Meg lives here in Park City and we met her for dinner. As we walked to the restaurant, about 2 blocks away, we passed the chair lift for the mountain! You could walk out of the hotel and hop on the lift to ski - AMAZING! Makes me want to learn to ski! (So just a recommendation, if you are coming thru this part of Utah during the late spring or summer months, its a great place to stay that is really in expensive... I'm sure it's much more appropriately priced during the actual ski season, maybe that's why I don't ski.... Regardless, its a great little city!

Tomorrow we continue east towards Cheyenne and our first camping night. Zak has been asking several times a day if we are going camping today... it will be nice to tell him yes.

Continue to keep us in your prayers. We may need to make a quick stop by urgent care in the morning, as it appears that Zak may have come down with Pink Eye, and I may need some attention to the scrapes received during a graceful misstep off the uneven edge of a sidewalk at a rest stop this afternoon.

Today's tallys:

Departure time - 10:45 MST - Arrival in Park City - 7 PM MST (this hour off thing is screwing with me... we didn't change the car clock, maybe we should)

License plate game - 31 and 4 Canadian

Wild life sightings - none really unless you count the numerous multi-colored bugs on the windshield... ewww.... We did see a LARGE amount of livestock including cattle, bison, horses, horses, horses, sheep, goats, at least one donkey and Zak claims to have seen a green pig. It was funny when every other exit name was either "Ranch exit" or "Valley exit" not much else in between... most were accompanied by a sign saying "NO SERVICES".

Toilet total - Maggy - 1... which turned into an opportunity to get a Frosty at Wendys. Due to the other frequent stretch breaks and required trips to the toilets, there were less urgent needs!


  1. owwww! I guess you are walking for two as well. Please be careful! How are you? Babies ok?

  2. I'm so sorry I didn't comment sooner, as you're likely on the road already today.
    Any chance you brought the colloidal silver? It'll take care of that pink eye real well.
    I'm sorry to hear of/see the misstep from the curb. OW! I did the same thing in my first pregnancy. Will be praying for speedy healing for you too.

  3. Oh you poor dear. I'm so sorry for your fall. I do hope you heal quickly. Bless you and safe travel. Kathi


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