Monday, September 14, 2009

Experienced Mom in Nesting

As much as I have those nagging compulsive urges to clean and organize, physically, I am finding myself unable. Maybe I am just more aware of my body and it's limitations. Maybe I have been taking it easy and have no stamina.

Regardless of why, I am not nesting quite like I have in other pregnancies. For example:

When my in-laws were visiting and keeping the kids occupied, I decided to discard topless and dried out markers....which then let into disposing of broken and non-functional crayons, which then morphed into sharpening all the colored pencils; sorting out the twistable crayons; and before I knew it, I had a coloring book in front of me, completing a master piece. How do you think I did? I think I managed to stay in all the lines!

Despite my lack of energy to devote to household chores, there are certain things that don't need to be neglected.

Many wonder how I could manage, needing to keep my feet up for the health of the pregnancy and still care for the 4 other kids. Here's a secret.... it's actually easier with the other kids. I have someone to fetch things for me. They not only keep each other occupied, but also report on each other's poor behavior in need of parental correction. Tonight I even watched Hannah helping Maggy scoop up the last few bites of her dinner, get her plate to the kitchen, and getting her out of the high chair.

I don't want to assume that having twins would be easy, but no doubt, the Lord has provided for us every thing we'd need, including the extra hands. Thanks be to God!

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  1. Awesome!
    p.s. We have that same coloring book! hahaha


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