Friday, March 20, 2009


I just love this age of Maggy. She is quite good at communicating what she wants, and screaming at what she doesn't want... we are working to tone that down.

But my absolute favorite are her hugs.

She, in the last week or so, has started wrapping her thin little arms around my neck and coming in tight for a good squeeze.

I am amazed at how quickly one squeeze around the neck, which is usually followed by two or three more, washes away all the frustrations and challenges of toddlerhood for both mommy and child.

I would include a picture of said squeeze, but I would probably spend hours trying to get the right "organic" pose. And we just don't have time for such orchestrated blog posts :-)


  1. oh this is so sweet - have experienced this too

    btw, we can use our imaginations for the pic! we understand time crunches!

  2. I read these out-of-order and am reminded of your Cling tight for your life post.

    Good visual here! :)
    (the clinging, not the obeying)


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