Thursday, March 12, 2009

Now we're cookin!

I love to cook. ...and I love my new apron that I got at a scrapbook event last month.

Did you see the new recipes at Savory Suggestions?

Tonight I thought I'd try to cook the bacon on the grill. I've heard of others doing it, and since I was cooking the burgers on the grill, I figured I'd try.

It was going well, but as to be expected, the grease was causing some flames. Once I moved the bacon to one half of the grill and placed a frozen burger on the grill. The ice crystals on the burger hit the hot grease creating a 4 foot flame, searing my eye lashes and the right edge of my bangs. I rarely got good grades in science classes, but I had no idea that could happen!

oh, and this is what Maggy does while I'm cooking. She sits on the counter, convinces me to let her ruin her dinner with snacks like graham crackers, and loves to say "cheese" whenever she sees the camera come out. Obviously, she doesn't understand that the pictures are just for the blog.


  1. YIKES!! I am glad you were not burned worse than you were. I love that sweet smile on Maggy's face. What a cutie!!

    April :-)


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