Monday, March 2, 2009

A March Day

Today was so drastically March, it is almost as if the clouds saw me flip the calendar.

Before noon, the sky was a beautiful stellar blue with small wispy white clouds. A warm yellow sunshine washed and refreshed every inch of our world.

An hour later, heavy gray clouds covered the sun, and what appeared to be a light sprinkle, quickly turned into a total a rush of drops chorusing from the sunlights.

And all afternoon, the teasing sunshine, the roaring showers, the brightness of the spectrum, the ominous clouds. Welcome March!

This morning I found myself with a rush of energy and, even, motivation. It is just one day, so I worry about even saying anything, maybe it is too soon. But no! It definitely felt like the sun was coming through the clouds... my head was coming out of the clouds. Warm yellow sunshine was radiating from me, as well as the sun.

And then...with the passing of lunch and a full stomach, I felt a slump. So, I'm not cured completely. But I have such great hope. I am on the right path. The alternating sun and rain in Oregon is a sign of what is to come - spring and then summer. My fluctuating energy and motivation, as I will take it and declare, is a sign of what is to come, wholeness of me!

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  1. Yeah, the SAD is probably not helping. Visit me!


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