Friday, March 27, 2009


Although the term "Spring Break" means nothing to my kids, it does take on a new meaning for a homeschooling mom. Normally a Friday at 11:30 at Out of This World Pizza and Play is a relaxing time for mom while the kids run freely in the massive play space with one or two dozen other children. But not during Spring Break! Oh MY! We were parked in the back lot and were met by more people than we had ever seen, even on the busiest of Saturdays!

As kids tend to be, my children were basically unaffected by the hundreds of other children. We met our cousins, Isaac and Averie there. (For anyone keeping track, their Mom, Christie is Shane's cousin on his Mom's side... which, I believe, makes them our kids' second cousins). Noah and Isaac have been buddies from the earliest of diaper days, and so, of course, Averie and Hannah have also found a special friendship. It was nice for me to catch up with Christie, and the kids had a blast.

I was really quite impressed with Noah. At one point, a much smaller boy amidst the crowd, somehow came to bite Noah on the fore arm. The teeth marks were deep and, in fact, broke the skin. We were able to put ice on it, and when the boy's parents became aware, and the boy was told to come and apologize. Noah told him, "its OK, I forgive you." We found ice cream to be a great distraction at that point. About 20 minutes later, I see Noah running past me on the way to the play structure, and I ask "how you doing"... but he barely has time to wave.

What a great kid? He could have retaliated at that boy. He didn't, he walked away. He could have let it ruin his day. He didn't, he really forgave. I love that kid!

So, when we realized the opportunity to have Isaac come and stay with us, it seemed the perfect idea. The boys spent the afternoon running around the yard, ate a great dinner, played Wii, got on some PJs and hunkered down to watch a movie. I love hearing the little laughter and joy that these cousins get from their friendship. I hope that they always stay good friends.

Of course, it is hard for the other kids, seeing Noah with a special friend, sleeping in sleeping bags down stairs. But life isn't fair, as my mother always used to tell me. I know they will have their turns at sleep overs and special friends. And although Zak was quite upset for a bit, I had to remind him that his is only 3 (he does need that reminder!). Hannah and Zak did get to watch a movie in the boys room together - with popcorn, and have their own sort of sleep over. Hannah slept on the bottom bunk.

Happy quiet house, wonderful kids, tired mom - good night.


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