Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bouncing Birthday Parties

Zak's Sunday School classmate, Asher, invited us to his birthday party at Top Notch, a local gymnastics club /trampoline gym. Asher's parents, Brianna and Jeremy, own the gym, and also help to teach the older kids' Sunday School classes. Jeremy is a fantastic coach and teacher, the kind that the kids love and really enjoy, bur he keeps them in line and makes sure that they are respectful.

Hannah is asking that she get to have a party at the gym, which is under consideration. We are also considering their homeschool PE class for Hannah and Noah in the fall.

Here are some of the pictures from the super-duper fun partee.

Look UP!


  1. I thought I recognized that guy! I used to work with Jeremy over at OGA. I only worked there for one year with him because shortly after I got the job, I got pregnant.
    Let me tell you, teaching pre-school classes with a belly was a stretch (pun intended tee hee!).

    I love love love Hannah's ringlets.

  2. What a wonderful day for the kids. I love and miss those days with all my children. The big ones don't do this anymore, but we have new things to do together so it makes up for it. Kathi

  3. Jumping in the foam blocks were alyays my favorite.


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