Thursday, April 23, 2009

Noah goes to work

Noah wanted to share his day today. He told me what to write and I typed it in for him. As tempting as it was to make addendum and correct things, this is how he said it. He also took all the pictures himself!

Today was go to work with Dad day. My Dad works at the downtown place... what's it called? (Ensequence). Yeah, Ensequence. Ensequence fixes computers and make different programs. At Ensequence, Daddy helps to fix other people's computers and he has to do a lot of hard work.And on his breaks he gets to get candy and chocolate.

When I went to work with Daddy, the first thing, I got donuts and apple juice. Then I went to do some school work in Daddy's office, which is a different place than it used to be.

After I finished my school work I played with Ethan. Ethan is a boy that is 2 months older than me, but I'm taller than him. His Dad is Mr. Tate, who gives Daddy a ride to work every day. We played with his Nintendo DS.

For lunch, we went out for pizza with Mr. Tate and Ethan. The pizza was so hot I had to eat ice! We got ice cream for desert and then went back to work.

In the afternoon, we watched Bolt with the other kids who were visiting the office as well. I had a meeting there. We talked about what our parents do there.

After that, we left the office and came home.


  1. can I click on the "like" here? :)

  2. Doughnuts, chocolates, candy, apple juice, pizza, icecream... Can I go to work with Shane?

    I love the part of "having a meeting" to discuss what their dads do. That's great!

  3. What a fun work day. Can I work there, too?


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