Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Easter

I know... I'm a little late wishing you a happy Easter... and I think I may have said it before when it was actually Easter... hmmm...

Well I know, everyone tells me, I have a valid excuse for ignoring my blog. But I do miss it.

Since I seem to now be past the icky-sicky days of the 1st trimester, and am hoping to regain some semblance of normal energy any day now, I do hope the have more frequent updates. If nothing else, we have had some very cool family times in the last few weeks I want to share, and of course, pictures!

So here is a glance at how we spent Easter day.

We were up super early for the 8 am church service. Had awesome worship and heard a great message about finding the Upside in uncertain times, and considered what it would have been like to be a follower of Christ that first Easter weekend.

Then we hit the road for Dallas (Oregon). The kids were greeted with Easter baskets:

Maggy's first mic

Hannah's got the gear

Zak and Noah got some really cool 3D robot puzzles

that kept Daddy busy for a solid hour.

We had a delicious dinner and wonderful fellowship.

Grandma set up a scavenger Easter egg hunt and games in the barn with prizes.

We returned home in time to transfer 4 sleepy kids from their car seats to their beds, and felt a great joy to be blessed with such an awesome family.


  1. LOVE that family pic! And love you guys!

  2. wow your bellys looking pretty big already! Will you be posting belly pics from time to time?


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