Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So glad for the 8 passenger Suburban

Today we went in for a routine ultrasound. There wasn't any real pressing reason. The docs like to do some of the checks for things like Downs Syndrome and such (which I really have no interest in knowing this early in the game), but I really wanted to nail down my due date and I'm happy to have the insurance pay for me to get pictures of my babies! (click on any of the pictures to enlarge them)

It was within the first second that the tech, Amber, placed the monitoring device on my belly that I saw it, and just as I did, I heard her say "oooh".

"Did I really see that?!" (me)

I started laughing ... hard! And look to my husband, who hasn't realized that the scan had started.

"I don't think he saw it"(Amber)

I could barely contain my laughter.

On April 1st... prankster's holiday, my husband thought it would be a kick to find an ultrasound picture of twins and post it on his facebook profile, and see if he could catch any one in his joke.

I remember warning him, "But honey, I have felt more symptoms of the pregnancy than any of the others.... what if it really is twins?!"

Maybe he had a fleeting moment of psychic ability....

Maybe it's God's way of showing us that he loves us, trusts us and wants to bless us as we learn to trust in Him in greater ways... and that He has a great sense of humor.
Yes, we are really having TWINS!

I am due November 2, but that is a 40 week date, and twins are often considered full term by 36 or 37 weeks. As of today - 13 w 2 d, they are both pretty close to the same size, and by all appearances, completely perfect!

So thus begins our amazing journey into a season in duplicity!

God also knew this when he providentially provided for us that beautiful 8 passenger vehicle.

The bus is now full!


  1. wow sarah, that is AMAZING!!! i am overjoyed for you!!

  2. Congratulations!! That's wonderful news!

  3. oh I'd forgotten about the you didn't think you'd fill it up that fast, but soooo JOYOUS! =)
    love to you all

  4. I am SO happy for you!
    I am SO happy for you!


    See? Now we get to say everything twice!
    See? Now we get to say everything twice!

  5. OH MYLANTA!!! What a tremendously fun surprise!!!

    I like to remind myself what "To Train Up A Mother" says, that God doesn't give a person many kids because that person is patient, but, rather, to make them patient.

    God bless you guys on this amazing journey. He will give you all the strength you need!

  6. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
    I'm still laughing!
    (Yes, I'm home now - so fun that you told me on the phone - THANKS for the personal note!)

    I'm DELIGHTED for you and your family! I couldn't be more excited for you all! What a tremendous blessing!!! And like I said on April Fools' Day - what a way to catch up to us!

    I have said since I started birthing that God always blesses you with what He believes is best for you. He may give you more than what you THINK you can handle, but it is never more than you can handle IN HIM. And as I have also said many times, HE chooses the parents for the children HE creates. He has GREAT FAITH in YOUR parenting, because HE has entrusted you with these precious ones!

    You know we join the many in your community to LOVE and support you all through this fantastic journey. (Besides, I'm just over the hill - not just in age. Maybe I should say I'm just on the next hill over...)

    I will be smiling and laughing for weeks on end for you. (And praying too.)

  7. congrats! Make sure to take it easy! Get lots of help while growing those 2! What a blessing!


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