Wednesday, April 8, 2009

'Hey Ma! What's for dinner?'

A few weeks ago, Noah asked if he could help me make mac n cheese, twice in one week. He pretty much has the process down now, and that's from scratch, not a box. He was a great helper and it was fun to have him stepping in voluntarily.

Well, it must be catchy. Tonight, I'm dragging my feet to figure out what we'll be eating, considering a last-minute left overs night. My husband suggests mac n cheese, which is a great idea, except, no noodles. Well, egg noodles might work... but make it feel a little more like a tuna casserole. As soon as I enter the kitchen to begin, Hannah is anxiously waiting to make dinner, like Noah did.

She was a great help to grate cheese, stir the white sauce, measure the peas, feed her sister frozen peas, open the tuna, and top with powdered Parmesan. I'm so proud of my little helper. And what a joy, as a mother, to always have a child by your side, learning about life in the little things.


  1. Don't you love little helpers!
    I really do.
    And considering I do not like cooking, having little helpers makes it more fun for me. Really it does. It's slower, messier and sometimes I trip over little people, but I'd rather be with them teaching and tieing strings of love than in the kitchen by myself.
    But this is your blog, not mine.
    So since you LOVE to cook (and are so fabulous at it) I can only imagine that it makes cooking that much more enjoyable for you. And for them!
    You're a great mommy.

  2. Sorry, I meant 'tying'.
    Such a dorky typo.

  3. This is just one of the positive aspects of seeing our "babies" growing older. It is so nice to have a helping hand around the house. What a great job you're doing! By the time they are 8 they will be full fledged sous-chef's. I can't wait for the day my girls make me dinner!

  4. Me too K'lyn! And I agree w/JP, It's way more fun to cook with them than just do it by myself; although there are times when I just don't have the time to do that, I involve a helper or three on most meals. Today we finally made homemade pizzas for the first time and the older three are always eager to help make anything in the kitchen, (I'm sure babyK will be when she's, say, standing.), but especially when it produces something as yummy as that! =)


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