Thursday, November 20, 2008

Expirencing Technical Difficulties

Hello my beloved readers....

Thanks for checking in on the house of homer.... my personal laptop is currently experiencing some technical difficulties, thus making my normal blog-banter a little more challenging. I hope to return in the next day or two with something fun and exciting, or at least entertaining for you to read or look at.

Thank you

*** This is not a real emergency, if it were a real emergency, this message would be followed by whoops, screams, screeching and general mayhem. I'm so glad we don't have to see that!*****


  1. Hey, giggle, giggle, you found my SOS button:)!!!

    Did that link you clicked on on FB cause this technical difficulty?

  2. nah, althought I'm pretty sure that FB link was a virus. My hubby keeps the pc pretty well protected to handle the viruses. It's been crashing for a couple of weeks and finally reached the breaking point where it crashes every time I turn it on.

    I love your SOS button.


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