Sunday, November 30, 2008

the pine... like a fine wine

Today, we took in the tradition, as did many others, of going into a field and cutting down a tree to bring into our home and decorate for the sake of Christmas. After scouring the field to make sure that we hadn't missed the perfect tree, we debated between what might have been appeared to be 5 of the exact same tree.

We saw a couple perusing the various pines. They would examine the tree. They would grab the trunk and give it a sturdy shake. They would lean in, grasp a branch and smell.

I wonder if they are wine aficionados too...

I wonder if they know something we don't...

In order to be "the tree" it must be
1)tall enough (and as previous years have taught, not too tall)
2) full enough, but not too full... there has to be room for our many ornaments to hang nicely
3) good shape, even sided cone shape
4) little to no dead branches

Once decided, Noah and Daddy set to work to bring that tree down. Our saw was pretty dull. Noah was so excited about helping to cut down the tree that he quickly volunteered to run back to the front of the farm to get another saw. We waited patiently...

... for a little while...

... then not so patiently...

(sorry you'll have to tilt your head)

(note to self, don't turn the camera while taking video)

I have memories of covering every inch of the tree farm when I was a kid, to find the tree that was just right. So, what makes the tree "THE TREE" for you? Do you go to a lot for your tree or are you a "u" cutter?


  1. I grew up going to the tree farm with my family and some close family friends. It was a yearly tradition we all looked forward to. Some years it took forever for us all to find the "perfect" tree. After I got married I took my husband out to the tree farm to carry on the tradition. He was not as impressed with the entire process as I was. He humored me for the next couple years until we had our first son. At that point it was apparent that both my husband and son were allergic to the tree!! This was very sad for me. At that point we went out and purchased the "fake" Christmas tree. Over the years I have gotten used to it. It is convenient to just pull it out of the garage when we are ready to set it up, but I still miss the annual Christmas tree hunt.

  2. Dan not a lumberjack? Wow I'm shocked. Although as you can see from the video I'm better with computers :)

    It's been great for the kids they love it, even Maggy walking around the trees @ 1yr old she was having a blast. I'm glad I didn't crush her with our tree and have it recorded on video. ;) I'm not really sure I saw her walk by until I saw the video.

  3. Um, cutting down a Christmas SHORTS!!!!




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