Monday, December 1, 2008

This isn't for me

After the tree was home and secured in the stand with a full tub of water, it was time to decorate.

Our box of ornaments could be divided into three categories:
1)Purchased for our children or made by our children
2)Saved from my childhood
3)Colored glass balls, purely for decoration.

My ornaments, from my childhood, have always brought back memories and are a special treasure to me. But this was the first year that I really felt that the tree wasn't for me.

Noah and Hannah, especially enjoyed the process of pulling the decorations out of the tissue and finding hooks and placing the little treasures on the tree. There was a sense of delight for them to find one of their own ornaments and place it on the tree. And of course, as children would be expected to do, they crowded certain spots of the tree and left other spots bare. Zak, in particular was attempting to make a large pile of glass balls on one particular bow of the tree. I adjusted a little but found myself stepping back. This tree isn't for me. This tree is for my kids.

In years past we have talked about maybe setting aside the hodge podge collection and trying to decorate with a theme. As long as my children are living at home, I hope that they take initiative and enjoy the experience of decorating the tree with their memories.

Several times I was told by my daughter "This is my best day"and hugs and kisses were extra plentiful. Imagine if I had ruined that by rearranging her beautiful work for the sake of a "well decorated tree".

Although, all three types of ornaments went up on the tree this year, my plan as they come down in a little over a month will be to sort "mine" into a separate box to be put away for later, save several specials ones.

Who decorates the tree in your house? Is it a designers dream? Full of memories? Somewhere in between?


  1. Okay, now I'm feeling guilty!!!
    We've always had a themed tree in my fave colors, blues and greens and purples and silvers. And hubby and I usually decorate it when kiddos are in bed... heartless, isnt it!

    I'll try to redeem myself by saying that they kids do have special ornaments on the tree and they are put down at eye level for them AND they have their own special tree to decorate themselves that goes up in their bedroom.

    This year we probably will all decorate the big tree together and hopefully I won't be too much of a perfectionist about it!!!

  2. Oh your tree is beautiful!

    Our tree is full of memories. Every ornament on it has a special signifigance. Mason makes me tell the story of each and every one when he pulls them out.

    And they he gets out the manger and plays army with baby Jesus and the wise men.

    I love tradition!


  3. I grew up decorating the tree and have always made it a fun experience in my home for Amy. I allowed most of the ornaments to stay where she put them which was, of course, right in front at her level. So adorable.

    And this year is even extra special because now there are THREE little girls (just like when I grew up) to help decorate the tree.

    Just about every single ornament has a special memory. I don't have a ton of "for beauty only" decorations. They're mostly handmade from when I was little or from when David was little or that my children made. And special ornaments given to us by Grandma or from Grammy.

    So it's a hoge-poge of ornaments that we all love to help put on the tree. I wouldn't want it any other way!


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