Thursday, December 18, 2008

For the Birds

I grew up with hummingbirds that lived in the tree in the side yard. All summer long, we could hear the buzz of their wings as they zipped through the air near the front porch on their way to the feeder.

I long to see these beautiful creatures come and enjoy the sweet snack that I put out for them. But alas, the feeder went out in early spring and by late summer had not needed to be refilled. No one was interested in my sweet snack.

My hanging purple and white fuchsia made a resurgence in September with new blooms. It was at that time that I noticed the twitter and hum that I remember from my childhood. The hummingbirds were eating from the fuchsia! I grabbed the feeder and cleaning it out, providing a fresh syrup. Since then, I have enjoyed seeing this little bit of creation every day, 2 hummingbirds. With this recent "arctic blast" I have begun to worry that they might not make it, especially if the syrup in the feeder freezes! So each morning, I bring it into the kitchen and warm it up. I did see both hummingbirds the last two days, looking quite plump in fact. (I wish I could get a picture of them but they are just too quick!)

And while thinking of the birds and their needs during this weeks freeze, I let the kids create pine cone feeders, which are now hanging in various places in our yard.


  1. Wow your very creative! I'll have to try that with my kids!

  2. Fun! I love that you still see your hummers in this weather. I neglected mine all spring and summer but I should put some out and see if they come and check it. I bet they are in search of food sources right now. I LOVE them!

    Great idea to put out the bird pinecones.It helps the kids understand about watching out for them when food is more scarce.

    I usually feed birds but one of our cats has been getting them so I am hoping they will stay away.


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