Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Jammies

Remember when I said that I wanted to start working on next year's Halloween costumes in August? That means next year's Christmas PJs should start in September. I would love to have them to the kids by the weekend after Thanksgiving. I'm a natural procrastinator, but hey - you've got to have goals!

This years PJ's were made from a red cotton with reindeer and stars print. We started with 12 yards, but there is about 1 1/2 yards left over.

And the finished product!

End note: I was asked after the post about the Halloween costumes if it was truly cost effective to sew my own, versus buying pre-made. Generally, unless I plan really well, it works out to be about the same. I enjoy the sewing: I enjoy thinking about the person I am making the clothing for as I am constructing it, I enjoy watching the pieces come together, I enjoy experimenting with patterns - veering away from the instructions (I'm a rebel!), and I enjoy seeing the finished product. For the Halloween costumes, I doubt that I would have been able to purchase the same quality as I was able to produce - most store bought costumes are pretty flimsy. The costumes cost me between $20-30 to make, not including my labor. For these PJ pants, I shopped online at Hancock Fabrics on Thanksgiving day. The cost per pant is less than $4, not including my labor. I like to keep an eye out for deals on fabric, or other things that can be used for fabric such as sheets or curtains (just like Sound of Music!). I also have a closet full of fabric that my mom collected, to which I incured no cost. I need to be better about finding a way to use what I have instead of getting an idea and then trying to find the right fabric.


  1. You are so creative. Your children will forever remember all the things you have made them as they grow up. The PJ's are amazing. Soooo cute! Making memories by giving of your wonderful!

  2. Oh, how great! Your family will have long lasting memories of your labor of love. seriously. I'm jealous of you skills!

    PS: we watched the Sound of Music this week! :)

  3. I am going to make my kids some jammie pants next year! Then I'll buy matching solid color sweat shirts! They will think I am a genius! Whoohoo! Thanks for the idea! I wonder what fleece pants would feel like? I get a lot of fleece blankies that I could sew together!

  4. Love the pajama tradition! And I love it that you made them for you and Shane too!!
    Thank you for posting the answer about the cost, etc. for the costumes, and sewing in general. You're awesome Sarah! What a fun mom.


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