Saturday, December 13, 2008

My show and tell - LIGHTS

I'd like to share with you the decorations visible from the exterior of our home.

I really enjoy the icicle lights, and on our porch they are hung with green pine garlands. I would have liked to add another string on the garage, to cover both the doors. I have had a hard time matching the "warm white" LED bulbs to what is available on the shelves.

The picture doesn't really do justice to our colorful snow flakes that line the walk to the front door. I am making an effort to switch over to LED and energy efficent decorations. The snowflakes I purchased at Costco for $36. Normally I would say this is very steep for decorations, but these are special! They are LED / Solar Hybrid lights. There is a solar pad, that absorbs energy from the sun light during the day and is connected to the house for back up power. Since they cost very little to run, I consider them an investment that will pay for itself. You may notice that the string of icicles hanging over the garage are a slightly different hue from the rest of the icicles. These are also LED lights. At $12 a string, versus the $4 a string for the less energy efficent bulbs. Again, I assume that as we move to replace the other strings over the next few years, I am assuming the cost will be a steal considering how much we'll save with PGE. I LOVE Christmas lights, I LOVE lighting up my house. I usually HATE seeing the PGE bill that arrives in January. :-(

Here are some of the "non-electric" decorations.

Living in an area that rarely sees consistent snow during the Christmas season, I very much appreciate the lights helping to be a reminder, keeping Joy, Delight and Thankfulness in my heart.

See some other's decorations at the CWO Open House

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