Friday, December 19, 2008


I am simply counting the hours....

My BEAUTIFUL sister, Liz and her FANTASTIC boyfriend, Chris, will arrive in Portland around 1 am on Monday morning. I'm not worried about staying awake to meet them at the airport, I'll be too excited to sleep. I am a wee bit concerned that we'll be under a foot of snow (and I know that doesn't sound like much, but in Beaverton, it really is a LOT!) which maybe covered with ice....

pray for safe travels, gentle flights and clear roads at 1 am.


  1. Better ice covered snow than snow covered ice.

    Will pray for safe arrivals and peaceful travels.

  2. Nothing like family! How exciting for you.
    Enjoy your time together.'


  3. ooh prayers are already being answered! Liz just informed me that they arrive at 1 am on SUNDAY! hehee

  4. How fun for you!
    Hear our prayers, Lord.
    Isn't Christmas time wonderful!?


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