Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Bound

We are not going anywhere today - again!
Our back porch. I got the ruler as far down as I could, but there is a layer of ice below it

The snow fell yesterday from the time I woke up (around 7) until after the kids were in bed last night (9:30 pm). Total was about 8 inches.

Then we had a dose of freezing rain, which put a firm crust atop all this beautiful snow.

Some cars are moving through the neighborhood, but we won't be. The Mazda does have 4WD, and Shane and Noah made it out during the day yesterday to do some shopping.

Our bedroom window, this is the snow piled ontop of the garage

Late last night, the news began reporting that all roads in the Portland Metro area required traction devices. We had assumed that we'd be in good shape, as we had picked up some chains at a garage sale a few summers ago, that should have fit on the van. Well, the chains do not fit on either of our vehicles.

From the Office window - There are sunlights in the sunroom roof that are not letting any sunlight in

That's ok though, we don't need to go anywhere.

The sunroom is staying closed, the windows are very frosty and condensation has frozen, icicles inside!

Until tomorrow afternoon when my sister and Chris WILL arrive (thinking positive!).

And cold? Yes, it is cold! About 22 degrees in Beaverton right now. We are not expecting to get above freezing until at least tomorrow and will continue to see freezing rain / snow mix up until Christmas.

And our sweet little humming birds are surviving. I was blessed to find him perched on the lights hanging off the porch this morning. I have been warming the syrup every morning to make sure that he has something to eat. I was impressed with the fuzziness of his feathers, he has built a winter coat! If it wasn't for that needle beak, I would have thought it a finch!

It is beautiful and incredible. I love watching it from this side of the window. Not a huge fan of being out in it (that's one reason I prefer Oregon... this is not normal!). Praying all the friends and loved ones traveling through this will be safe.


  1. I absolutely love it that you've been diligent in feeding your hummingbird.

  2. Ohh Noes!!! 8 inches!!! Call the national guard.

  3. We are snowed in as well and just got power back! Ran into Dallas with 4 studded tires on rabbit diesel. Will NOT go out again! A hair raising ride! I'm still combing my hair down! Whew!


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