Monday, December 29, 2008

Where'd she go?!

I know...

....I was so frequent and then...


Where'd she go!?

I'm no where near my computer as my Dad is staying with us for two weeks and I'm loving every minute of it. Additionally, my sister Liz and her boyfriend Chris are bouncing back and forth between Beaverton and Woodburn, where his family lives - they are here until Saturday. So we are enjoying our time together, cuddles with the kids, playing with new and old toys, Wii, Apples to Apples, Wise and Otherwise, 10,000 , Euchre, Scrabble, too much great food and sweets, wine and whiskey sours, lazy days in PJs till noon or later, homemade lattes and hot tea, Dad's buttermilk pancakes, left overs for lunch, walks through the neighborhood, the same Power Ranger movie AGAIN, but mostly - sweet faces I need to see more of!

I'm going to try to back log a few fun posts and find some time to get some deeper stuff up too, but stick with me for a bit, I'll be back on track in a week or two.

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