Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Traditions - Storytime

A few weeks ago at our GALS get-together we shared some of the traditions practiced in our homes, now or in our own childhood. My sweet friend Lisa, who is also a mom of four, shared a holiday practice that I thought was just fantastic.

She will start the holiday season, the weekend after Thanksgiving, as the decorations are going up by taking all of her Christmas books and wrapping them as "special gifts" under the tree. Every night, the children will come together, select and open a package, and then have family story time. She has at least 30 Christmas themed books. What a wonderful gift to give your children. This is a great way to give less presents and more presence.

So I started keeping my eye out for Christmas books where ever I was. I am getting a late start, but we will join in this new tradition for two weeks before Christmas. Our books range to all ends of the spectrum, but I am looking forward to this time and memories with our children.

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  1. Oh I think this is a FANTASTIC idea!

    All I have is an assortment of Christmas mugs. Think the kids would like unwrapping a mug o day?



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